Friday Night / Saturday Afternoon


Friday Night

This was going to be a trip to Lincoln Moorlands Railway v Newark Town. I’d planned it all week, but then a quick chat with Luke from Heanor, we found that we both finish work at 7pm and both fancied a game.
It was a choice between Borrowash Vics v Belper United or Holbrook Sports v Teversal. With Sports and Teversal both being near the top of the table, we chose to go to Shaw Lane. Big Dave Cockerill settled the tie with a goal in the second half.

Shaw Lane… or the APC Sealents Ground. It’s a little bit old school. I’ve visited a number of times before and a few small improvements have been made over the years.
The game wasn’t exactly thrilling and a good friend blogged the game, so I don’t really need to do anything but send you his way – CLICK HERE

Saturday Afternoon

A trip to Heanor beckoned. When I can’t pick where to go, and there were plenty of options again, Heanor is the safe choice. The club I support, and always will. It does help that they are a seven minute drive from home for me now…
A leisurely walk with Emma (my wife) and Ruby (our labrador) took up most of the morning, followed by a short shopping trip.

The brownie points I earned by going shopping gave me licence to watch Shaw Lane AFC v Mansfield Town in the FA Cup 1st Round Proper. It still makes my blood boil when the commentators claim that the FA Cup starts at this point. If it did start at the first round proper, Shaw Lane AFC would not have featured today.

Heanor Town FC v Westfields FC
It is fair to point out that 52 weeks prior to this game, Westfields FC featured on Football Focus (live from the arena) and they played Curzon Ashton in the FA Cup First Round.
This year, they faced a task that was no doubt as appealing to them.

I think it is fair to say it was the Elliott Reeves show. The young man, wearing number 9 for the hosts, ran the line as I’d expect someone to do in the professional game.
His penalty won the game for The Lions in the 23rd minutes and without being criticial, he should have had a hat-trick as a minumum on the day. He beat the Westfields defence time and time again, if it wasn’t for the strong goalkeeping he faced, he would have had his reward.

As it turns out, his solitary strike and some VERY resolute defending from Heanor meant that the maximum points stayed in Derbyshire.

Heanor have had a transformation this summer. Experienced players such as Joe Naylor, Joe McCormack, Adie Whitemore, Kieran Debrouwer, Nathan Benger and Jay Cooper have all left to play at Step 6 or 7. Manager Glen Clarence has worked wonders in bringing in Jamie Sleigh, Sam Vickers, Jordan Lee, Liam Oliver, Adam Robley, Myles Scott, Wayne White and a number of other players who are equally as capable. With the introduction of the ‘new blood’ it is obvious that the average age of the side has dropped by 4/5 years, but the level of entertainment has increased three-fold.

No disrespect meant to any of the former players, most are still considered friends and I hope it will stay that way, the new players have brought a buzz to The Town Ground that has been missing for a little while…

Long may it continue!

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