The comeback is on!


I’m sure the fact I’m typing something here is probably making you want to smash something up, it has been a while since I have had the urge to type something for this mind numbingly poor version of a football blog.

My last blog post was in May. This blog is back. I will post as and when I can, other commitments may get in the way, but I am trying my best.


Time for a catch up then…

In April I left my role as Press Officer at the club I love dearly, Heanor Town FC. This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make and if I’m honest, part of me will always regret having to step away. My working shifts meant I’d be available for 50% of the Saturday games throughout the season and making long trips to away games became more of a chore than a pleasure, my commitment to the club wasn’t good enough and I know they accepted my situation, Heanor Town FC deserved so much more than I could give.

I’m now here 6 months on. My job has changed (for the better!) and I now work Monday-Friday. This has been a weird feeling, being 28 years old and having my first ever Monday-Friday role…

It’s a horrible feeling knowing that if I had moved department months earlier, I’d still have been able to fulfil my duties at Heanor. In four years the press at the club went from; a black and white (photocopied) programme, match reports and a weekly round up, both aimed at the local newspaper with photography by the club photographer – to – fully inclusive social media, twitter, YouTube (thanks, Luke!, Facebook, Soundcloud and photographs (thanks, Paul!), a full colour 40 page programme printed on site and a much wider coverage across the world wide web! Those of you who came along the journey with me have changed my views for the better, especially Luke Thorpe who listened to my rants for hours when I knew how to change things, wanted to change things but couldn’t change other people and their way of thinking.

I am now on the League Management Committee of the Central Midlands Football League. I am a part of the Media Team, with some huge changes already and a blog that has had over 10k views since it was launched in July. I have some big plans going forward for the coverage of the CMFL, I do need to remember that one step at a time will get us to where we want to be. Let’s face it, it is a step seven football league, so my enthusiasm and energy will hopefully be something the CMFL use!


I am sat in work right now, busy as ever, attempting to work out which game to attend tomorrow. My heart is with Heanor as they travel to Lye Town, but I could end up at any one of fifteen games tomorrow afternoon. I’ve searched the lists….. and don’t have a ‘game of the day’ but hopefully one will stand out by lunch time tomorrow!


I will try and blog something tomorrow – maybe even with photographs…..! It’s good to be back!

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