Friday Football Fun!


Off to my third cup final in five days. All EFL grounds.

I won’t say anything about crowds… but Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium felt a little more cosy for the crowd that turned up.

I travelled up with Chris Berezai, a good friend who is also the fixtures secretary for the CMFL. Chris, and a few others, were invited guests of the league so as he nipped in to the ground through reception, I went and paid my fiver to get in. Trust me, a fiver well spent.

My first visit to the Keepmoat Stadium and I have to say, I was glad I went. It’s a smart stadium, holding just over 15,000. The internet has told me it cost around £20M to build, well spent I’d say!

It was good to see Maltby Main FC committee man, blogger and general go-to man for non-league football, Rob Waite there. Waitey adopted me as his ‘assistant’ for the night, I’m not sure what I assisted with, but it was a good chance to catch up, have a laugh and ultimately, grab a sandwich and a brew at half time!

The entertainment was excellent, a real blood and thunder cup final with some whole-hearted challenges flying in.


I’ll let the66pow tell you about the details!



Next up


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