Belper Town U21 win the title!


At this point in the season, you can’t choose from a vast array of games. You get the same as my Mum used to serve up at the dinner table, “You get what you’re given and have to like it!”.

Well, looking at my athletic figure, you can tell I liked what I was given then and if I’m honest I quite enjoyed the offering served up tonight.


Stood for the full game with Malc and Macca, two of non-leagues finest followers, watching bottom club Borrowash play their home fixture against Belper Town… at Belper Town. Apparantly Borrowash are having work done on their pitch – a few dozen houses wouldn’t go amiss, certainly after the way I think they have been ran for the last few seasons! Ask me why if you’ve got a spare hour or two.

The final whistle saw Belper Town U21 claim the Worksop Van Hire North Midlands Development Football League South Division title (that’s the word count sorted on this post) with a fine 3-1 victory.

Borrowash fielded two or three lads that could have been 22 or 23… but nothing wrong with that at this level. They didn’t look like the side flat bottom in the league. They battled for all chances, but the wood work did save them from it being a greater defeat. From where I was stood, the gentleman wearing the number 1 shirt either isn’t a goalkeeper, or is VERY new to playing in goal. Finding players in the second week of May can’t possibly be easy, although both teams fielded substitutes late on.


The second goal was undoubtedly the moment of the match. The ball bounced clear to Belper’s forwar who hit an unstoppable strike over the goalkeeper and in to the top corner of the net. I bet the lad couldn’t hit it so sweetly again if he tried, but what a way to celebrate winning the league.


On to what can only be assumed is the champion of champions game at Eastwood on the 17th. Handsworth Parramore FC U21 v Belper Town FC U21 7.30pm at Eastwood Community FC. belper

Needless to say, Borrowash had a right back who wasn’t much cop in the air. The defence was very well managed by the 6 foot 2 centre-half. One to watch!

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